6. Sep, 2017


The third cake I made was the most fun! A gravity defying cake!


Bake or buy your favourite cake. Cover the cake completely with icing. Stick kit kats around the cake leaving a gap in the front. Then stick m & m's all over the top and gap. To make it look like the m & m's are pouring out the packet, stick a wooden skewer firmly into the cake. Place a straw with a bendable tip over the skewer. Melt some chocolate in a bowl and carefully dip each m & m into the chocolate and stick it on the straw. My niece Maya, with her delicate, steady hands was able to do this quite successfully. Stick a row of m & m's onto the straw and then build it up by sticking the m & m's onto each other. Carefully bend the straw at an angle and using some melted chocolate attach the packet onto the straw. So easy and so much fun! Enjoy!