3. Jun, 2017


I had some lamb roast left over and decided to use the lamb to make some pies. What a good idea as they are simply scrumptious!


Left over lamb roast and gravy, chicken stock, thyme, oregeno, butter, chopped onion, chopped green chilli, fresh cream, puff pastry.

The amount of ingredients you will need depends on the amount of lamb you have left over. Add spices and taste as you go. Fry some chopped onion and green chilli in a little butter until nicely browned. Chop up the lamb into small pieces and add to the onions with the left over gravy. Add some chicken stock and taste for flavour. Add salt, pepper, thyme and oregeno as needed. To thicken the gravy make a paste with some cornflour and water and stir it in. Cook for a few minutes and then add a little fresh cream if you have it. You can very well leave it out. Set the lamb aside to cool completely. Then unroll the puff pastry and cut circles big enough to fit a shallow pie pan or muffin pan. I actually used a tumbler as it was the perfect size! Place one circle in the pan, add some cooled filling and place the second circle over the top and seal the edges with a fork. Brush the top with eggwash and make a tiny slit in the pastry. Bake at 200degrees Celsius until golden brown. These pies freeze beautifully. Simply delicious! Enjoy!