25. Jan, 2016


Fresh and perfect for Summer!


Cashew nuts, sliced cucumbers, spring onions, coriander. Grated ginger, chopped cooked chicken breast, chinese five spice, soy sauce, rice paper.

Roast the cashew nuts in a dry pan and set aside to cool. Place the vegetables, ginger and chicken in a bowl. Add the five spice and soy sauce to taste. Chop up the cashew nuts and add to the mixture. Toss everything together well. Have a large bowl of lukewarm water ready next to a board. Place a single rice paper in the water for ten seconds, remove from the bowl and shake off any excess water. Place the sheet on the board and smooth out with your fingers. Be gentle. Place some filling towards the bottom and roll tightly. Fold in the sides and complete rolling. Serve with a dipping sauce - place some sweet chilli sauce in a bowl and add grated ginger, soy sauce, and chopped spring onions to taste.