Banoffee Tart

21. Jan, 2016

If you love bananas and caramel this is for you!


360g tennis biscuits, 160-180g melted butter, 1 tin (380g) caramel treat, bananas, 250ml fresh cream. Chocolates to decorate.

Blitz the tennis biscuits in a food processor. Add the melted butter until the mixture looks like wet sand. If you do not have a food processor, place the biscuits in a plastic bag and bash with a rolling pin until it becomes crumbs. Then place in a bowl, add the melted butter and combine. Press the mixture into a greased loose bottomed 25cm pie tin. (place the tin on a baking tray as it is then easier to move to the fridge.) Place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Beat the caramel in a bowl to remove any lumps and loosen the mixture. Then spread over the biscuit base. Top this with sliced bananas, as much or as little as you like. Beat the fresh cream with a tablespoon of sugar and a drop of vanilla essence, until fluffy. Spread the cream over the bananas. Top with whatever you like. I used a flake and cut up bar one chocolates. Refridgerate for at least two hours before serving.