24. Aug, 2015


This is super quick and easy. It is best made the night before serving as it then has time to set. But, if like me, you are always having last minute guests, then making it in individual serving bowls or glasses is the best way to go. If you can make it the night before serving then you can either make it in individual bowls or in one big serving dish.


1 trifle sponge (I buy it from Checkers or Pick n Pay - you need to ask for a vanilla trifle sponge at the bakery counter), 1 jelly, 1 tin Koo sliced peaches, 1 tin Koo pear halves, 1 Ultra Mel vanilla custard, 1 fresh cream, sliced almonds slightly roasted and cooled.

Set the jelly - I was in a hurry so I placed the jelly in the freezer for an hour. Have al lthe ingredients ready. Line up the serving bowls. Cut up the trifle sponge and place it at the bottom of each bowl. Soak the sponge by pouring in the liquid from the peaches and pears. Then slice up the peaches and pears and place over the sponge. Now add some jelly to each bowl. Sprinkle over some almonds - keep some to garnish later. Pour in the custard. Beat up the cream with some sugar and vanilla extract. Spoon over the custard. Sprinkle the almonds over the cream. Place in the fridge to set. Enjoy!