Cardamom/Elatchi Cake

14. Aug, 2015

So I took my sponge cake recipe and simply added ground cardamom and rose water to the batter and icing and it turned out amazing. It tasted like a sweetmeat!!

I added one and a half teaspoons each of cardamom and rose water to the batter. I also this time baked the sponges in THREE 23cm baking tins. That's because I believe a cake is just a vessel for icing!! The cakes then only took 20 minutes to bake. I then doubled the icing recipe and added a pinch of cardamom and a drop of rose water at a time and kept adding to taste. Add little bits at a time until you are happy with the taste. I iced the 3 layers and topped the cake with roasted almonds tossed in a little ground cardamom. It was truly delicious.