27. Jul, 2015


I was going up to JHB for the weekend and so I phoned Jibrael (31/2 years old) to ask him what he wanted me to bring for him, and he said "Nessie I just loooove lollipops"!! So I went shopping and bought him a whole lot of lollipops. I then had the idea to make him a lollipop cake! I did not have a lot of time so I bought two trifle sponges (I will post a lovely sponge cake recipe soon so you can bake your own sponge cakes) and pineapple jam and fresh cream. I then put the cake together and had great fun decorating it with the lollipops! 

You will need:- 2 trifle sponges, 2 fresh cream, jam (I used pineapple jam), lollipops, flat and round ones.

Whip up the cream with some sugar and vanilla extract, until fairly stiff. Sandwich together the sponges with the jam and some cream. Spread the top of the cake with jam and cream and completely cover the sides with cream. Once the cake is completely covered and smoothed out, stick the flat lollipops around the sides of the cake. I used a piece of oasis to stick in the round lollipops to place on top of the cake.

I am still thinking about something edible to use instead of the oasis. But it has to be strong enough to hold the lollipops. I am also going to try this cake with butter icing. I have a feeling it will hold the lollipops better than the fresh cream. But I was delighted with this first try at a lollipop cake! It is bright and cheerful and Jibrael was thrilled!