15. Jul, 2015


I have always been intimidated when it comes to cooking a good biryani! But I thought if I just use the spices I enjoy, how hard can it be? And I discovered that if I used Taj Mahal spices it was even easier! So go ahead and try this...you will be pleasantly surprised.


1 kg leg of lamb, 1 packet Taj Mahal biryani spice, 2 tablespoons Taj Mahal extra special biryani masala, 1 tablespoon ginger and garlic mix, coriander, curry leaves, 500ml tub plain yoghurt, 2 onions, salt, 4 potatoes cut in half, half a teaspoon saffron.

Dry roast 2-3 tablespoons of the seeds from the biryani mix. When cooled crush in a spice mill. Add this to the cut up lamb pieces. Add also a cinnamon stick, bayleaf, and aniseed from the biryani mix. Add the masala (as hot as you like), the salt, ginger and garlic, coriander and curry leaves and the saffron. Add 2 tablespoons of the yoghurt and massage all the spices into the meat. Clingwrap the bowl and leave to marinate for a few hours. To cook the biryani, cut up the onions into slices and fry in butter with a little oil. When the onions are nice and brown remove some to top the rice later on. Then add the meat and potatoes to the pot and cook on low heat. I like to cook the meat for at least 20 minutes before I add the rice. This way I can check if the spices and salt is enough. While the meat is cooking boil the rice ( I use sella basmati rice) with salt and a pinch of tumeric together with a cinnamon stick and two elatchie from the biryani spice mix. When the rice is cooked but still firm carefully place over the meat. Pour half a cup of water over the rice together with some melted butter. Sprinkle the fried onions over the rice and place the lid tightly on the pot. Cook on low heat for 40 minutes. I keep checking if the meat is sticking to the pot by pushing a spoon right into the middle of the pot. If it is sticking then add a little more water. While the biryani is cooking place the balance of the yoghurt in a bowl. Add a finely chopped onion and tomato to the yoghurt. Add salt to taste and coriander. You could also add cut pieces of cucumber. Trust me it is not difficult to make. Everything you need you can find at the Supermarket, including the spices! If you do not have saffron you can leave it out. I have step by step photos on the next page.