Gammon in June!

9. Jun, 2015

I always use a Woolworths Gammon. I found it to be the tastiest of all the gammons I have tried.

Be very careful when purchasing your gammon. Make sure you know whether you are buying an UNCOOKED gammon or a FULLY COOKED one. If you buy the fully cooked one (it is more expensive) then just follow the directions to brown in the oven. My recipe that follows is for an UNCOOKED gammon. I like using a gammon with the bone in.

Remove all packaging and place the gammon in a large pot with water and the following ingredients. (Do NOT remove any of the fat layers of the gammon).

One onion cut in half, one carrot cut into pieces, few cloves of garlic, celery cut into pieces, two bay leaves, few black peppercorns, few cloves.

Let the gammon boil for 40 minutes per kilo. So if the gammon is 3 kgs you will boil for 2 hours.

When done remove from the pot and place on a baking tray. Peel off the thick top fat layer (see photos ). Leave on the layer of fat below that. Score this layer of fat and stick in some cloves. Mix together some apricot jam (melt it in the microwave) and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Brush this over the gammon. Bake the gammon at 200deg celcius until the skin is brown and crisp (about half an hour). Remove from the oven. Place onto your serving tray. (I use a wooden board. It looks rustic and is easy to slice on). Secure pineapple rings (I use tinned pineapple rings) with toothpicks and place a cherry in the middle of each ring. Slice and serve. Leftover gammon can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days and makes great sandwiches with mustard or mayonnaise.